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Love Jazz?

When I was first taking voice lessons as a high school freshman, I had the privilege of taking with a classically-trained but also jazz-trained vocalist. At first, the idea of learning how to sing by improvisation and understanding the chord structures scared me to death but after coaching and listening, I grew to love the art of singing jazz. Ella and Louis soon flooded my iTunes library and I grew to enjoy singing jazz immensely. Since I have been focusing on operatic and Broadway-style singing recently, I was thrilled when a client asked me to sing "The Look of Love" by Bacharach and originally sung by Dusty Springfield. I hope to add a couple singles to my audio tracks for you all to get an idea of what it may sound like for me to sing your favorite jazz song at your wedding or private event!

Tip: If you are renting a venue, usually they will have instrumentalists on retainer. For jazz, it is best to first and foremost have a pianist (make sure that you research them to make sure they are well-versed in playing jazz since it is something that requires expert proficiency) then if you would like, hire a guitarist, bass player, a percussionist, etc. who also have jazz on their list of expertise. It is also good to consider that you will probably need a sound system i.e. microphone, amps for a guitar, and such.

If you have any questions about incorporating jazz or questions about performers at events in general, feel free to contact me!